Portable Security Devices

EagleONE Body-Worn Camera

The AETOS EagleONE Body-Worn Camera is designed for a reliable hands-free operation for law enforcement and security officers in the field. This lightweight and ruggedised camera is capable of recording Super HD 1296p video at an extra wide 150º field of view, enabling ultra-clear capture of every detail in front of you.

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Superior Video
Quality Recording
(HD to Super HD)

Long Stand-by
Battery Life
(12-hour shifts)

Ruggedized &
Easy to Use

Portable Security Devices

EagleGOLD Body-Worn Camera

Launching the next generation of AETOS Body-Worn Cameras, this state-of-the-art device retains the functionality of EagleOne, while complementing it with exciting new features that greatly enhance its security capabilities. With the EagleGold, you can now view live-streaming of events as they unfold in real time, allowing you to make decisions in a quicker, more effective manner. Packed with cutting-edge front-end Facial Recognition software, you can also receive alerts that are triggered once a match occurs.


Video / Audio
Live Streaming

Front-end Facial
Recognition Software

Ruggedized with
IP65 Rating

Portable Security Devices

Portable Radiation Detection System

The Passport G300 Radiation Detector is an advanced radiation detection solution, capable of identifying a wide range and types of radiological threats, as well as their strength and location via triangulation – all from a portable lightweight device.

Designed to be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, the device automatically joins the SmartShield Network. It initiates without operator intervention, combines and even analyses the information from all of the networked detectors; providing real-time detection for better decision making and response time


Identify and Track
Radiation Type &

Hands-Free Automated
Operations &

Compact &
Lightweight Design

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