Security Technology Systems

Security Technology Systems

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS)

Security of a premises should begin beyond its perimeters. Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) are systems used in an external environment to detect the presence of an intruder attempting to breach a perimeter. Highly accurate and immediate detections are required to enable a facility’s security force to respond quickly and effectively.

Some of the places of application include:

  • Airports and Aircraft Hangers

  • Key Installations (Water, Gas, Electrical)

  • Government Agencies

  • Protected Areas

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Fibre Optic Intrusion Detection System
Radar Detector
Ultra Wide Band (UWB)
CCTV Video Analytics – Virtual Fencing
Fibre Optic Intrusion Detection System

Fibre Optic Intrusion Detection System

Using advanced and extremely sensitive optical fibre sensors, also known as Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG), any disturbances on the physical parameters will trigger a response in the optical fiber sensor, enabling you to deter and react to any potential intrusions effectively.

Highly Accurate

24/7 Secure
Remote Monitoring


Security Technology Systems

Access Control Systems

One touch or one look – that is all it takes to achieve seamless access control. Fast, reliable and with great accuracy, our biometric reader and 3D facial recognition access control solutions offer the highest levels of security, safety and convenience for your users and/or premises. These solutions have the flexibility to be installed as a standalone device or to be integrated with a variety of access systems.


High Storage Capacity

Fast and
Highly Accurate

Secured Convenience

Security Technology Systems


UniQCam® is the latest portable standalone security camera and intrusion detection technology, which operates on both battery and solar power to capture high quality photos, videos, and audio. This hassle-free device is the ideal surveillance solution for remote and rugged locations.

Some Useful Applications

Retail & Warehouse

Construction Sites
(with no main power)

Airport & Hotels
(dead spot areas)

Security Technology Systems

Alarm Systems - NetworX

The NetworX line of control panels offer a full-featured security system that uses advanced technology for burglary, fire and environmental detection. A highly flexible security option that is both easy to install and simple to use, NetworX control panels can accommodate smaller residential applications up to the most demanding commercial security needs.


Modular Design for
Complete Integration
of Multiple Systems

Scalable Features for
Further Expansion

Quick Installation

Security Technology Systems

Automated Security Terminal (AST)

Our AETOS Automated Security Terminal (AST) is a specially designed, full-featured self-service kiosk that provides a wide array of functions on an intuitive touch screen interface. It works like your very own 24/7 concierge, security guard and customer service officer, all integrated into one simple, user-friendly system.

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Secured 24/7

Fully Automated

Long-Term Cost &
Manpower Savings

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